About SilverDay

As you may have guessed SilverDay is my alias 😉 In many worlds I am also known as Till Stirling. I have been a regular with many virtual worlds either as regular member or as part or the support or admin team since 1994. The first world I ever visited (and worked as customer support) was WorldsAway, today know as Dreamscape (vZones). Later on I was part of the support team of EverQuest. Today the worlds I visit most often are World of Warcraft and Secondlife. I am also host for an OpenSim called World of Begabungs. The World of Begabungs is a virtual world based on OpenSim whose aim is to provide creative teenagers a secure environment.

In my real life I enjoy playing with technological gadgets like iphone or ipad and to tinker with webdesign, scripts in various languages, and digital photography. I am also an avid reader of anything todo with fantasy, scifi, and history.


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